Speedwatch starts Monday 5 October 2015

A Community Speedwatch programme will start on Monday 5 October 2015, and volunteers are needed to record details.

Shifts are only an hour, and you can do as many or as few as you wish. A minimum of two people per shift is required, although three is better.

If you are interested, please let Councillor Alan Gough know on alan.bottesfordparishcouncil@gmail.com or give him a call on 07970 121488.

A full briefing will be provided, and if you would like to operate the hand-held radar device, then an accreditation from Leicestershire Road-Safety Partnership can be arranged.

Thank you.

Speeds along Belvoir Road 11-24 Sep southbound towards A52

Please find a summary of speed-data collected from the mobile speed-camera between 11-24 Sept 2015. It was monitoring traffic heading south along Belvoir Road (towards the A52).

The good news is that there has been a  reduction in the average numbers of drivers speeding at 36mph+. This is down from 24% of all drivers in 2014 to 17% for this period. However, it may be that the construction traffic has suppressed speeds for the time being.

That said, the high speed of 65mph, recorded at 14.43 on the 17 September is a concern. Particularly when parents with young children are starting to head along, or cross, Belvoir Road to go to the primary school at that time.

Report Belvoir Road South (near bridge) 11-24 Sept 2015

Speeds along Grantham Road – updated to 10 September 2015

Please find attached an updated report which shows a further two weeks speed data for vehicles travelling along Grantham Road into Bottesford from the West.

The figures are consistent with the first two week’s data, with the highest speed over the latter two weeks being 69mph (previously 71mph). The number of drivers travelling at 36mph+ remains at 33%.

The data was collected by the Mobile Vehicle-Speed camera (MVAS) – this is the device which flashes and shows your speed as you pass it. It has now been moved to Belvoir Road for a 4 week period.

Thank you.

Report Grantham Road MVAS speeds 14 Aug to 10 Sep 2015

Lorry-Watch – Volunteers needed


During the Neighbourhood Plan consultation period, many residents expressed concern at the number of HGVs travelling through our villages.

There is a restriction on all 7.5 tonne vehicles using our parish as a short-cut, although vehicles on legitimate business within the parish are allowed access.

In order to determine the extent of the problem, the Parish Council are setting up a ‘Lorry-Watch’ programme on a number of dates and times over the next three weeks.

We need some willing volunteers to record HGV movements at 5 locations round the villages. The sessions are 90 minutes each. and are scheduled for:

21/9: 9.30am – 11.00am
24/9: 11.00am – 12.30pm
1/10: 12.30pm – 2.00pm
2/10: 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Once these are complete and the data has been evaluated, then more periods are likely to be organised.

If you would like to help, could you drop a line to Councillor Alan Gough at alan.gough@bottesfordpc.org.uk, or the Parish Clerk, Sharon Pyke, on clerk@bottesfordpc.org.uk

Many thanks.

Average speeds along Grantham Road 14-27 Aug 2015

During the Neighbourhood Plan consultations many residents expressed concern  at the level of speeding through our villages.

There have been a number of initiatives over the last few years, including Speedwatch and Bin-Stickers, and good support from our local police. The Parish Council have also recently positioned the Mobile Vehicle-Activated Speed (MVAS) camera along Grantham Road, and this monitored the speed of all traffic heading into Bottesford.

The first two week’s data has been extracted from the MVAS, and over this period, 33% of drivers exceeded 36mph. The highest was 71mph.  This is very similar to Normanton, where over a previous period,  33% of drivers also exceeded 36mph, with the highest recorded speed being 79mph.

A further two weeks monitoring will take place along Grantham Road, before the MVAS is moved to Belvoir Road. We will keep you updated with results and trends.

A copy of the report is attached.

Initial report on the number of speeding vehicles between 14 Aug and 27 Aug 2015 V2

Thank you to our local police team

A big thank you to Mark Longden and his team for their support in monitoring traffic speeds through our community.

Speeding is one of the main issues for most of our residents, and the local police presence is certainly having a very positive impact.

There will be continued monitoring by both the police and Speedwatch volunteers over the next few weeks. So take care: “Foot-Up; Slow Down!”