Minutes of Steering Group Meeting held on 17 October 2017

Please find attached the draft minutes for the above meeting.

Please note that the next Steering Group meeting will take place on Tuesday 21 November at 7.30pm in The Old School Rooms.

Everyone welcome.

Minutes SG mtg 17th October 2017 (1)


Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan. Projects for Section 106 Funding.

Thank you Peter H.

I forgot to add the list which was referred to in the last blog post. It is now included on the attached PDF.

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Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan Projects for Section 106 Funding

Projects for Section 106 Funding

Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan

Projects for Section 106 Funding

In the course of the development of the draft Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan, a number of suggestions for improving the infrastructure, environmental and social amenities of the village have been identified, and these are listed below.

Some of these could form the basis of proposals for Section 106 agreement funding by developers in support of their planning applications. To be appropriate for this type of funding, projects must be scoped, defined and costed in detail, and some of the items in the list are too general to meet this criterion.

For example, item 6, ‘improved facilities for youth, sport and other interest groups’, is inadequate in itself, whereas specific proposals in this category, such as that for the refurbishment of the skateboard park by the developers of the Normanton Lane site, would be totally appropriate.

This topic is on the agenda for the next meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on 21st November 2017. In preparation for this discussion could you please review the list and:

·         Assign a priority/importance (high, medium or low) to each item.

·         Suggest further projects which could be added to the list

·         Suggest any specific projects within the more general categories.

Please e-mail your replies to robertianlockey@btinternet.com by 21st November, and I will consolidate your responses prior to the meeting.


Bob Lockey

Minutes of meeting 23 Aug 2017

Dear all,
Please find attached the minutes of the last Steering Group. Also, please note that the next meeting is Thursday 21st September at 7.30 pm in the Old School rooms.
I am awaiting confirmation of some attendees and then I will distribute the agenda.
Richard Simon. Secretary Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Steering Group Meeting Wed 23 Aug 2017 at 7.30pm in The Old School Rooms, Bottesford

Please find attached the agenda for the next Steering Group meeting on Wednesday 23 Aug 2017. This will start at 7.30pm and will be held in The Old School Rooms, Bottesford.

The draft minutes for the previous meeting are also attached.

All very welcome to attend the meeting.

Richard Simon. Chair of Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.

Agenda SG mtg 23rd August 2017

Minutes SG mtg 25th July 2017 A