Davidson’s Homes Consultation meeting 5 October 2016

Good evening,

 I received the attached leaflet from Davidsons Homes through my door on Saturday but having spoken to other people  in the village it was apparent that not everyone had seen it.
The notice for this public consultation, on the 5th October (3pm – 7pm) in the Old School, is very short notice but I understand that it will go ahead. Hopefully there will be a further session with more notice in the future.
Secretary Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Davidsons Homes Proposal – Map of Bottesford

Following a question raised on the website, further details of the Davidsons Homes Concept Plan is attached.
The Davidsons Homes Concept Plan, issued with the August Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group minutes, relates to a site to the south of Grantham Road on the end of the existing housing.
Housing proposals for this site have come forward before, and the location is commonly known as the Clay Pits site.
A map of Bottesford with the location indicated is attached.