Accuracy in circulars and notifications

Accuracy in circulars and notifications
When the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) publishes information every effort is made to ensure the information is factual and accurate. The NPSG also attempts to give a brief background to the issues so that a correct interpretation of the information can be made, even by those persons who have not been involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.
Planning and new developments will always cause some residents a level of distress, particularly those living near or otherwise affected by the scheme.
Some recent circulars, which have not originated from the Steering Group, have been very misleading in a number of the statements made. Conjecture and exaggeration have been used to strengthen the case that the party wanted to make and this is not the way of the NPSG which has always strived to make the information imparted as accurate as possible.
Some news that we have to share will not always be well received so please ensure that in all cases the information is accurate and the facts are clear to the reader.
Richard Simon
For Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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